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Pilates Fusion

Ashtanga Power Flow

Barre Burn

Pure Relaxation Yoga 



Afternoon Pick Me Up Flow

Ashtanga Primary Series

Peak Pose Flow



Pilates Fusion

Yoga for Runners 

Barre Burn

Rejuvenating & Restorative Yoga


Afternoon Pick Me Up Flow

Strong Sweaty Flow




Pilates Fusion

Freedom Flow



Weekend Warrior flow

Ebb and Unwind



Hatha Flow

Embracing Stillness Meditation



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Zikhara is a sanskrit word meaning "peak of a mountain"..."top or summit."


In 2014, we opened the studio to offer the community a place to practice yoga and discover a style that speaks to them. Since then, we've expanded our space and offerings.


On top of our regular scheduled yoga classes we offer workshops and a 30-day challenge that allows students to immerse themselves in the practice, body and mind, while also working to create a daily habit. Shortly after we opened our space we also introduced Pilates classes during the lunch hour. Pilates is a core strengthening, cross-training, fitness class that can complement your yoga practice and any other athletic activity.

Yoga is a practice that works toward uniting the mind, body and spirit. The physical practice that we instruct is to open and find space in the body, while reconnecting with our breath and focusing on the present moment.


Our body is our teacher. This practice allows us to tap in to see what we need and to nourish that. Our instructors are meant to guide you to help achieve this. They will assist you in finding your edge and knowing when to back off so that your practice remains safe.

We offer classes for all levels, and beginners are always welcome.

Our yoga community, our students and our instructors, make Zikhara Yoga a truly special place to share this timeless practice.

Our studio offers two yoga rooms and a common area where you can enjoy tea and time with friends. We have change rooms and a retail space as well.

Come join our yoga community!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Love and kindness.

Tobie & Shannon