Class descriptions

Hatha Flow (Level 1/2) 

Vinyasa is a style of yoga that weaves poses together in a creative and intuitive manner. The breath is synced with the movement to support this style of practice that flows from one pose to the next. Tap into your inner flow and explore what it feels like to re-wild, and tune into your own intuition.

Long, Slow Flow (All levels) 

This is a slow-moving yoga class for all levels. This class aims to invoke the beginner's mind, and develop focus on the breath, while we soak in the goodness of some classic Hatha yoga poses.

Feel Good Flow (All levels) 

This midweek class is filled with all the juicy feel good, hence the name, poses to refresh and renew. Often our bodies need a little extra love to make it through the week and that is exactly what this class is — love for your body. This all levels class offers you a chance to replenish sore, tired muscles, and you’ll leave feeling invigorated, mind and body.

Afternoon Pick Me Up (All Levels) 

This midday class is a feel-good flow to get your body moving, making it feel challenged, strong and able. Your mind will be refreshed and feeling more alert. It’s a creative class that gradually builds allowing you to shine from the inside out for the rest of your day.

Peak Pose Flow (Level 2/3) 

Flow through a strong sequence that prepares the body, and mind, to explore a peak pose. Each month, we will break down one of the more complex and challenging yoga poses, such as crow, headstand or eight-angle-pose. Each class, we will build our strength, flexibility and headspace to test one of the peak poses. Learn the tools to practice these poses safely and with confidence. This class is suitable for intermediate yogis who want to expand their practice. 

Runner's Flow (All Levels)

Lengthen and strengthen in this class focused on attending the needs of runners. We'll build strength in the core and back, and open in the hips, hamstrings, quads and calves. Even if you're not an average runner, this class is suitable for all levels.

Yin Yoga (All Levels)

A mindful, gentle practice. All are welcome, regardless of Yin Yoga experience. Suggested props to support your home practice can include a mat, pillows, blankets and comfy clothing. 

Yin Yoga + Meditation (All Levels)

Yin Yoga invites a renewed sense of spaciousness in the body with longer held, passive postures that work to stimulate our energy-rich connective tissues while developing mindful awareness. A valuable and necessary compliment to stronger forms of yoga, and athletics; a powerful antidote to our stressful, busy lifestyles. Our Yin asana will be followed by a short session of meditation. 

Freedom Flow (Level 1/2)

The week flew by and now you want to release the residue and prepare for the weekend. In this class you will get moving right away through steady flow allowing you to meet the restlessness of your mind and let it go. We will then wind down bringing stillness and ease in, leaving you with a feeling of clarity and peace.


Weekend Warrior (All levels)

Welcoming yoga into your weekend! A slightly unpredictable flow geared towards getting you out of your head and onto your mat. Expect the unexpected and embrace the warrior within you!

Ebb and Unwind (All levels - A focus on beginners to yoga) 

Calm the breath and the body as we unwind and turn our focus inward. This class is all about creating warmth before deep release. Build strength and warmth through gentle Hatha movements and sun salutations before winding down with yin poses that will offer a deep opening. This class will have a relaxing restorative component that will allow for the body to softly unfold with the support of props. Great for beginners.


Hatha Slow Flow (All levels) 

Give your whole Self the love it deserves in this well-rounded flow class. With a strong voice guiding you through your practice, you will leave the class feeling uplifted and more grounded than ever.

This energizing sequence is designed to get your body moving and ready to take on the world! Simple stretches, sun salutes and standing poses lead to some energizing backbends and a simple cool down. Motivate the mind; and the body will flow!

Prenatal Yoga (on demand)

This 75-minute class offers a blend of active meditation, breath work, mantra, intention setting, and gentle and strong movements that are safer for pregnant folks.
Listen to playful and primal music to help find release and tap into your inner wild.
This class is for all trimesters. Beginners and partners are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing, have a snack nearby, and whatever else you need.
***We don't want money to be a barrier for pregnant folks who want to experience prenatal yoga. Please reach out to us and we'll discuss in confidence***

Complimentary practices for yoga students

Barre (All levels)

A class that combines suspended barre, core work, and strength training in this fusion of mobility, flexibility and strength training for a great low-impact workout.

Pilates (All levels)

Invigorate your mid-day with pilates, designed to strengthen your core and we'll also target our upper and lower body with low-impact movements. 


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