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ONLINE live broadcast Yoga Classes

In light of the current events and the absolute need to socially distance and stay home, we are offering online classes to members and yogis looking to continue their practice at home.

We are going to have online LIVE broadcasted classes once a day, every week.

We are offering a 30-day unlimited ONLINE Zikhara Yoga pass

In order to see the class link:

  • Student must be logged in

  • Student must be *registered* through our schedule to see the broadcast link.

  • We are doing this through Zoom. Set up a free Zoom account on your phone or computer to be prepared. If you register and miss the class, we will send the recorded class to you

This is new for us, so we'll do our best to provide a smooth experience but it may be a little bumpy along the way. Thank you for joining us on this fluid journey.

LIVE Spring schedule

Yoga for Men/Back to Basics

Twice a month, we're introducing a class specifically for beginners.

This class will break down the basics, from why we say 'Namaste' to what a Sun Salutation is. Most importantly, we will help you get more familiar with what a regular yoga class is like so you feel confident to jump in when you're ready.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a style of yoga that weaves poses together in a creative and intuitive manner. The breath is synced with the movement to support this style of practice that flows from one pose to the next. Tap into your inner flow and explore what it feels like to re-wild, and tune into your own intuition.

Afternoon Pick Me Up Flow

This midday class is a feel-good flow to get your body moving, making it feel challenged, strong and able. Your mind will be refreshed and feeling more alert. It’s a creative class that gradually builds allowing you to shine from the inside out for the rest of your day.

Prenatal Yoga


 Shannon will hold a prenatal yoga class when requested.

This class offers a blend of active meditation, breath work, mantra, intention setting, and gentle and strong movements that are safer for pregnant folks.

Listen to playful and primal music to help tap into your inner wild.

Wear comfortable clothing, have a snack nearby, and whatever else you need. Send your questions to Shannon

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