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Winter schedule

Yoga for Men

Once a month, we're introducing a class specifically for men.

This class will break down the basics, from why we say 'Namaste' to what a Sun Salutation is. Most importantly, we will help you get more familiar with what a regular yoga class is like so you feel confident to jump in when you're ready.

Starting Thursday,

December 19, 2019

7pm in the Moon Room

SPECIAL Resolution month-to-month pass

Set your intentions for 2020 with our special Resolution Month-to-Month membership at $89 +GST available only during the month of January.

Save $10 a month off our regular month-to-month pass and have unlimited access to our yoga classes, you'll be able to store your mat at the studio, and enjoy discounts off our workshops and 30-day-challenge.

Purchase the pass starting January 2 at the studio, or online.

Prenatal Yoga coming in 2020...

Starting in early 2020 we will be offering prenatal yoga classes at the studio.

Stay tuned for more details, or email us with your questions.

Pure Relaxation Yoga

Starting July 22 we have a new class from 8-9pm that will explore either Yin, Restorative or gentle Hatha, depending on the instructor. There will be no chaturangas and minimal strength required. The focus will be on creating harmony with mind, body and spirit. Leaving you feeling blissed out and restored. Start your week by nourishing yourself.



With Cori O'Connor

This class focuses on the Ashtanga Primary Series sequence of standing, seated and supine asanas with attention paid to mantras, pranayama and opening and closing Savasana.  This class is suitable for all levels.




With Tobie Wick/Shannon Lough

This is a time for reflection, to look deep within and assess. To connect and to move forward in the new year from a place of stability. Our peak pose, Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, will support this. This balancing pose grounds us as we connect  to our centre by finding our Drishti, our focal point allowing us to bring clarity to our mind. Physically we will work on lengthening the muscles needed to extend our leg as well as strengthening the supporting leg muscles needed to stand strong in the full pose.

Peak Power Flow



With Kaitlynn Docherty

Melt into the sweetness of slowing down and opening the body through the breath and passive stretching. This class is essential for stress reduction and inciting a deep calm. In each pose props are used to support the body in order to achieve a luscious, rejuvenating release of mind and body. All levels.

Rejuvenating Restorative Yoga

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