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Prenatal yoga

6 week series

November 1 - December 6

Every Sunday 9:30am-11am

This series will be kundalini inspired with breathing exercises (pranayama), dancing and movement (kriya), hand postures (mudras), chanting (mantras), prenatal appropriate yoga poses (asanas), and meditation, all to support you in your pregnancy, and prepare your mind and body for the birth day.

ONLINE live broadcast Yoga Classes

Due to the pandemic, we are offering limited In-Studio Classes daily with a max 5 yogis, and we have online LIVE broadcasted classes at least once a day, every week.

We are now offering a 30-day unlimited ONLINE Zikhara Yoga pass as an option, in addition to our unlimited passes, that will enable you to practice with us online or in-studio.

For Online classes.

In order to see the class link:

  • Student must be logged in

  • Student must be *registered* through our schedule to see the broadcast link.

  • We are doing this through Zoom. Set up a free Zoom account on your phone or computer to be prepared. If you register and miss the class, we will send the recorded class to you

  • If you miss the class but you registered we will upload the recorded video into the schedule where you can view at any time.

Having trouble logging into your LIVE yoga class? Reach out to help@tulasoftware.com

Fall/Winter schedule

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Sacred Sleep Series

3 week series

November 24 - December 10

9 special classes, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, or practice anytime online

Did you know that sleep is like a detox for the brain? Sleep plays an important role in clearing the brain of waste proteins that build up during the day. Good sleep can also help boost our immune system, it improves memory, increases productivity, and prevents weight gain, just to name a few benefits. We have created a special three-week sleep series where we will share tools to improve your sleep, and to help you feel more nourished as we enter the holiday season.

The 3 Weeks of Sacred Sleep series will offer three extra classes, specific to improving your nightly sleep, a week.

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